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Painting The Moods Of The Sea

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The sea has always had a special allure for me. For many years my wife and I lived right on the open Atlantic out on Eastern Point in East Gloucester Massachusetts. There were 30 foot high cliffs that the pounding surf would strike sending plumes of seaspray high into the air. Harbor Seals sometimes basked on the rocks in front of our home. Tidepools provided endless opportunities to learn about starfish, crabs, mussels, barnacles, hermit crabs and other life forms of the intertidal zone.

But the most magical thing about living directly on the open ocean was the moods of the sea itself.

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Sunrises that revealed a glassy calm sea, seeing the moon rise with it's long shimmering reflection, violent storms and everything in between gave me firsthand knowledge of the immense power and moods of the sea. I studied the action of waves, took notes on weather conditions and painted the sea. Those early paintings, done from direct observation, have burned into my mind the dynamics, movement and ever changing colors of the ocean.

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Although I have spent most of my life living in the mountains of Northern Vermont and Northern California, I have never forgotten the lessons I learned from living right on the sea's edge.

I still create seascapes of both the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts, drawing on the knowledge I accumulated from my intimacy with the ocean.

It is my hope that you can sense my love of the sea through my art. Prints are available in amny sizes and media for your decorating needs.
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Thank you for you patronage and enabling me to continue pursuing making art!

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